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History of Chicanx Psychology: Ancestral to Current Contributions

Feb. 15th at Casa de Resistencia in Austin, TX! Join us and learn about the long & rich history of Chicanx contributions to the field of psychology and mental health! Learn about a Chicanx Psychology developed from our peoples history and experiences.

Starting from our ancestral knowledge and healing, to the publication of “Chicano Psychology” in 1977, up until our current contributions, this workshop will give an overview both of the history AND current relevance of a Chicanx Psychology. Learn about the relevance of Chicanx Psychology to Mexican American Studies. Learn what is included in the teaching of a Chicanx Psychology course. Learn about the relevance of a Chicanx world view and psychology in our current social and political climate. 

What we will cover: Aztec psychology & healing; Early contributions of Chicanx Psychologists; The development of the field of Chicanx Psychology; Teaching a Chicanx Psychology course; Relevance of Chicanx Psychology to Mexican American Studies
Students: $15, General: $20; CEUs: $35
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Saturday, Feb 15th – 12:30pm – 3:00pm

Casa de Resistencia – 2000 Thrasher Ln., Austin, TX  78741

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