Spirituality & Mental Health: Chicanx Indigenous Perspectives

Webinar Platica on the role of Chicanx spirituality in mental health.

About this Event

Spiritual beliefs and practices are now recognized as an important contributor to mental health and wellness. For many in the Chicanx community, there is not a clear line between spirituality and mental health. This is true ancestrally as well as contemporarily. The role of faith, connection to spirits and ancestral wisdom are all aspects of Chicanx well-being. Expression of spirituality and faith varies in the community, however it remains a strong thread that acts as a binding force in terms of Chicanx identity and is extremely important in the study of Chicanx Psychology. This workshop platica will highlight the role spirituality has long played in Chicanx Psychology and outline the tenants of Chicanx Psychology. The workshop will focus on spiritual wellness with strong influences from Mexica indigenous beliefs. Basic concepts will be introduced.

REGISTER at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spirituality-mental-health-chicanx-indigenous-perspectives-tickets-115112442414

OR via paypal.me/ChicanxPsychology  OR Venmo: @MXZam

$12 Students    $25 Standard Fee      $45 CEUs for Mental Health Providers (TEXAS ONLY)

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