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Institute of Chicana/o Psychology – Who We Are

The Institute is a community-building entity focused on wellness and strengths of the Chicana/o/x community through the lens of Chicana/o/x Psychology. In our work, we address both risk and protective factors related to the wellness of the Chicana/o/x community, including historical factors of oppression as well as ancestral strengths and wisdom. We facilitate conversations about community struggles along with healthy development of self-image and positive cultural identity. We provide community platica workshops on cultural revitalization and overall community mental health and wellness by focusing on liberation, social justice, and self-determination. For us, Chicanx Psychology is “Gente Psychology”; meaning that we work to be responsive to the voices of the Chicana/o/x community while being aware of the generational wisdom of our people. The “answers” to many of the struggles we face are held within our cultural legacy. We also provide professional development and continuing education training for mental health professionals privileging Chicanx Affirmative approaches.

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Watch the story behind the founding of the Institute by co-founders Dr. Manuel X. Zamarripa and Jessica Tlazoltiani Zamarripa.


Dr. Zamarripa’s journey to co-founding the Institute of Chicana/o Psychology

“We are not new to the field. We’re out there working to better our community.”


Jessica Tlazoltiani Zamarripa’s journey to co-founding the Institute of Chicana/o Psychology

“We are a collective people, so we don’t tell our stories without telling our ancestors’ stories.”


Dr. Zamarripa talks about the importance of learning about, studying, and continuing to develop Chicana/o/x Psychology.

“…so that we are rooted. So that we know we come from a lineage of people that have continued to make accomplishments.” 


When Manuel and Jessica came together as a Dualidad, the Institute of Chicana/o Psychology began to take shape

“(We created the Institute)…in the belief that we need to be able to, all together, share the history of who we are, the history of our identity.”


The Work of the Institute

“…for me that’s what it’s been, planting seeds for my children. Planting seeds for all of our children.” 

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