Year in Review 2020

Thank you to all who connected with the Institute this past year! We’ve had another beautiful year together sharing our hearts, our stories, our lived experiences, our pains, our joys and our healing…..together. As always,we are honored that you share your hearts with us. We reconnected with our cultural, familial, ancestral strengths as they manifest in each of us individually.
As you know, our goal is to promote the wellness and well-being of our community through the lens of Chicanx Psychology. For us, Chicanx Psychology moves beyond Western/modern psychology to include our community’s own wisdom and needs (ancestral and contemporary). It is a decolonial approach with Chicanx liberation and healing at its foundation.
This past year we 4 community platica workshops, 6 professional trainings, 4 Friday Chats on Brown Wellness, 2 Special Events, 2 Community Support circles, and 1 Course Offering.
The end of the year falls during Winter. As we just celebrated the winter solstice, the birth of Huitzilopochtli, birth of the new Sun, we honor the energy of winter where we retreat into our caves and reflect, heal, and regenerate We stop as much work as we can and allow the decay to take away all that we don’t need so we can be ready to plant our seeds in the Spring. We close what is done and prepare to open a new year together, celebrating who we are.

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