Chicana/o/x Affirmative Therapy Training Series – Level 2

This 4-session training is the second level of the Chicana/o/x Affirmative Therapy Training Series. Each session is 2.5 hours and will contain two case scenarios each session. In particular, Level 2 will dive deeper into the three crucial aspects of Chicana/o/x & Latina/o/x well-being: Identity, Family, & Spirituality. Participants will learn how to be responsive to each in clinical practice. Further, the impact of historical & intergenerational racial trauma will be explored and approaches to be responsive during clinical practice will be outlined.

It is not necessary for respondents to have completed Level 1 of this training series in order to benefit from Level 2.

November 6th – Identity

How do we center Chicanx/Latinx ethnic identity in practice? In this session we will utilize a Collectivistic Sense of Self to facilitate this connection and bring forth a culturally relevant sense of well-being. There will be two case study applications using the Broaching Race in Counseling framework from a Chicana/o/x Affirmative perspective. 

SKILL: Broaching Chicana/o/x Identity in Practice 

Decemer 4th – Family

Using the Individualistic/Collectivistic Values Continuum we will locate cultural values and degrees of adherence to traditionalism. The Values Continuum will allow us to bring forth familial strengths that can facilitate healthy connectedness to both family and community from a Chicanx cultural framework. Two case study applications utilizing the Values Continuum will be included. 

SKILL: Identifying Strengths and Stressors of Individualism and Collectivism in Clinical Practice

January 8th – Spirituality

Using the framework of Chicanx Indigenous Spirituality, we will draw on basic concepts of forgiveness, faith, and hope to connect with a culturally relevant sense of wellbeing. In addition, we will discuss the therapeutic value of the indigenous/ancestral concepts of the Four Elements and the similarities between this spiritual concept and mental health. 

SKILL: Integrating some basic indigenous spiritual concepts

January 29th – Historical and Intergenerational Trauma

In this session we will discuss specific historical contexts and contemporary intergenerational patterns of the Chicanx/Latinx community. We will learn how to center historical and contemporary Chicanx cultural resources to address manifestations of traumatic responses. We will use the Immigration Resource Genogram to map cultural assets via two case study applications. 

SKILL: Utilizing Family Resources to Address Trauma

What is Chicana/o/x Affirmative Therapy?

It is an approach that assumes centralizing culture and a positive perception of one’s own culture background can and should be facilitated in psychotherapy with Chicana/o/x and Latina/o/x clients.

It assumes that connecting & re-connecting to current & ancestral values/practices can promote a culturally relevant sense of well-being.

Its methods explicitly focuses on and brings forth the cultural strengths of the Chicana/o/x community

Required evaluations and session assessments will be sent to participants after each session. After all 4 sessions and evaluations are completed, participants will be awarded a certificate of training completion in Chicana/o/x Affirmative Therapy – Level 2 from The Institute of Chicana/o Psychology.

Participants will receive their Zoom link to each training session 30 minutes before the session begins.

The training sessions will be recorded and the recorded sessions will be available after the live date. So, participants may still receive credit for attending if they view the recording and respond to the evaluation of each session.

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