Contemporary Chicana/o/x Families: A Chicanx Psychology Course

6 week online class

Class begins April 7th 2022. Classes on Thursdays for six 6:00pm-7:30pm CDT

The Institute has an on-going series in Chicana/o/x Psychology This course is Series #3 and will explore the psychology of the Chicana/o/x family. The role and influence of the family system on psychological development of Chicana/o/x individuals is of significant importance historically and currently. During this 6 week class we will examine how cultural, social, and historical influences impact the current state of Chicana/o/x family development and well-being.

April 7th – History and development of the Chicana/o/x family

April 14th – Form and Function of Familismo

April 21st – Marriage, couples, relationships (and parenting)

April 28th – Chicana/o/x LGBTQ couples and families

May 5th – Religious and Spiritual Family Rituals/Traditions

May 12th –  Elderly Chicana/o/x families

No external readings and no exams. Participants will be required to respond to what they learned in each session via an evaluation. The classes will be recorded and the recorded sessions will be available for one week after the live date. So, participants may still receive credit if they view and respond to the evaluation of each session.

The cost for the entire series is $70.

You may register at the link below:

You may ALSO register at


Venmo: @MXZam

Please email any questions you may have to

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