Living Brown, Living Well: Strengthening, Reconnecting to Brown Wellness

Saturday, March 12, 2022

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM CST

This will be an on-line offering using

This community workshop plática is a recognition, re-connection and celebration of the wellness and healthy ways of living that are present in our community as well as our ancestral legacy of health and healing. Negative stereotypes portray our culture as being unhealthy. We are do not have an unhealthy culture. The unwellness in our community (currently & historically) comes from colonization, marginalization, exclusion, and oppression. Our culture is ancient and powerful. We can Live Brown and Live Well! Lessons from Chicanx Psychology can help DECOLONIZE the ideas of “wellness” that are dominantly Eurocentric, Western, and individualistic. Chicanx Psychology emphasizes the healthy, positive cultural values and behaviors that contribute to our wellness and mental health. We will draw from knowledge of our ancestral past as well as our current wisdom. We’ll talk about Brown Wellness, well-being, and what that looks like in our lives today! Chicanx Psychology is about community liberation and healing. 

You will receive your Zoom link and password 30mins before the meeting. Please sign up for a FREE Zoom account to participate (

$25 General Admission

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