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Rebozo como Arma Cosmica

Saturday, March 26, 2022

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM CDT

A workshop/plática on the cosmovision of the rebozo with Institute presenter, Irasema Reza Bailey (she/her)

In this workshop with Irasema Reza Bailey, we will be talking about the cosmovision of the rebozo and go over brief history and the importance of textiles and weaving to the indigenous people of Mexico. She will share a little about my work as a bodyworker incorporating Mexican Traditional Medicine as well as how the rebozo can be used as a tool for mind body spirit integration. We will end with some techniques for self connection and cultivating a relationship with the rebozo as a way of healing.

A rebozo will be needed to participate. A textile that is revered of the like can be used.


Because Irasema’s work is being present and supporting mamis and babies through birth, this event MAY BE prerecorded in the event that she gets called away for work.

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