Therapy is Ours: De-Stigmatizing & Decolonizing Mental Health

September 10th, 2022 11:00am – 2pm CDT. This will be an on-line Webinar using

This training workshop will explore the idea that the process of therapy (talking with a professional for work on one’s struggles) actually connects historically with the ancestral practices of the Chicana/o/x community (and other Brown, Black, Indigenous communities).

While much of our community does not reach out and have many negative ideas regarding mental health, ancestrally our people have always know the power of “healing through talk.” Raza (and other communities of color) have been disconnected from many of our ancestral ways of healing. Our people who had struggles would reach out to respected elders of the community to talk through these struggles. This workshop will discuss and outline how the process of “modern” therapy is in fact congruent with many of the ancestral and current cultural values of the Chicana/o/x community. The first part of the workshop will discuss the de-stigmatizing of mental health issues and therapy for Brown and Black communities and discuss ways to RE–connect to our ancestral wisdom of healing through talk. We will discuss how issues such as depression, anxiety, acculturative stress, discrimination, and post-colonization stress impacts our lives and how mental health services can be helpful and sometimes lifesaving. The second part of the workshop will focus on the importance of decolonizing the mental health field to be more responsive to the Chicana/o/x community. Certain values and common practices in the mental health field can often isolate or invalidate the experiences of Chicana/o/x clients. Part of this decolonization process is de-centering individualistic values and expanding notions of wellness and well-being to be more inclusive of indigenous and ancestral ideas. While this training is focused on mental health professionals, ANYONE in the Chicana/o/x community (and other marginalized communities) interested in these issues will find this workshop beneficial. Our community has a long history and legacy of wellness, strengths, and help-seeking behaviors where we recognize the values and strength of “healing through talk.” In this way, we can reconnect and see how, in fact, Therapy is Ours.

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