Spirituality, Healing & Mental Health: Chicana/o/x Faith & Identity

May 6th and May 7th – ONLINE

11:00am – 1:30pm CENTRAL TIME

Spirituality is an important aspect of Chicana/o/x well-being. This two-part community platica is intended to be an introductory overview of how to respectfully reconnect to our indigenous wisdom while also respecting and honoring the various spiritual ways that have been part of our community. This includes Catholicism, Curanderismo and Anahuaca/Mexica/Tolteca spirituality. Expression of spirituality and faith varies in the community, however it remains a strong thread that acts as a binding force in terms of Chicana/o/x identity and is extremely important in the study of Chicana/o/x Psychology.


How do we reconnect, integrate, or honor our indigenous wisdom into our spirituality?

Part One:

Many of us hold Catholicism (or other forms of Christianity) as key to our faith. We honor that experience as it has and continues to bring comfort and fulfillment to many, while we will also discuss the important historical complexities of how this faith was also violently introduced to this continent as a tool of colonization. Also, some of us have been raised in Catholicism but have experienced oppression from family or others in they way they have enforced this faith. How do we heal from this?

The powerful role of La Virgen of Guadalupe is foundational for many of us as she is woven in Catholicism, Curaderismo, and Indigenous spirituality. We will discuss Guadalupe in our faith as a social justice protector and symbol of resistance including her roots as Tonantzin, the mesoamerican representation of our mother earth. This will also include distancing us from the oppressive notions of Marianismo.

Part Two:

Integrating topics of Part One into a discussion (with time for Q and A) about our individual and community well-being, mental health, and healing. Part two will focus more on our Anahuaca/Mexica/Tolteca spirituality in the here-and-now and acknowledging these wisdoms as part of our cultural identity. Again, discussing how we can connect or re-connect respectfully to these ways in our daily lives.

The goal is to strengthen and re-connect to the role spirituality has and continues to play in collective/individual healing, collective/individual resistance, and ethnic affirmation for the Chicanx community.

This will be a Zoom event. The Zoom link will be sent an hour before the event begins.

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