Online Courses in Chicana/o/x Psychology

The Institute of Chicana/o Psychology offers online educational courses in Chicana/o/x Psychology annually on a rotating basis. Below are descriptions of our current courses.

Chicana/o/x Psychology Online Course Series #1

Foundations of Chicana/o/x Psychology

This course examines the current and historical status of Mexican Americans in the field of psychology. Psychological research and theory on the cultural, societal, and historical influences on the well-being and characteristics of Mexican Americans will be explored. This is a 6 -week , online course. Classes meet every week for 6 weeks.

Class Sessions –

History of Chicana/o/x Psychology & Current Relevance

Ethnic Identity

Family Roles & Functioning

Spirituality, Healing, & Well-being

Gender Roles Experiences

A Chicana/o/x Liberation Psychology

Previously offered:

Fall 2020 (Sept 22 – Oct 27)

Spring 2021 (Jan 14 – Feb 18)

Spring 2022 (Jan. 25 – Mar. 1)

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Chicana/o/x Psychology Online Course Series #2

Explorations in Chicana/o/x Identity

This course will explore the different influences in Chicana/o/x identity development and its impact on individual and community wellness and well-being. This course is part of the Institute’s on-going series in Chicana/o/x Psychology. The role of Chicana/o/x ethnic identity is a foundational aspect and the most researched area in Chicana/o/x Psychology. Chicana/o/x identity is also a core aspect of the Chicana/o/x experience historically and contemporarily.

This is a 6 -week , online course. Classes meet every week for 6 weeks.

Class Sessions –

Being & Becoming Chicana/o/x: Pride, Decolonization, Chicanismo/a/x

Chicana/o/x Identity Development Models

Acculturation, Generational Statues, Migration/Immigration

Impact of Chicana/o/x Identity in schools

Chicana/o/x LGBTQ identities

Impact of Social & Media Images

Previously offered:

Spring, 2020 (April 13 – May 18)

Fall, 2021 (Sept. 23 – Oct. 28)

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Chicana/o/x Psychology Online Course Series #3

Contemporary Chicana/o/x Families

This is the third course in our series and will explore the psychology of the Chicana/o/x family. The role and influence of the family system on psychological development, social development and overall wellness of Chicana/o/x individuals is of significant importance historically and currently. During this 6 week class we will examine how cultural, social, and historical influences impact the current state of Chicana/o/x family development and well-being.

This is a 6 -week , online course. Classes meet every week for 6 weeks.

History and development of the Chicana/o/x family

Form and Function of Familismo

Marriage, couples, relationships (and parenting)

Chicana/o/x LGBTQ+ couples and families

Religious and Spiritual Family Rituals/Traditions

Elderly Chicana/o/x families

Previously Offered:

Spring, 2022 (April 7 – May 12)

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