Statement on the Death of George Floyd #GeorgeFloyd

The Institute of Chicana/0 Psychology stands in solidarity with the current call and actions of those outraged by yet another tragic, unjustified killing of a Black man by the police. The death of George Floyd is another indication of the unsafe climate for Black and Brown people, which is further being fueled by the careless, irresponsible rhetoric of the current administration.
The Institute recognizes this as another link in the insidious chain that began with the conquest, colonization, and slavery of Black and Brown peoples.
Until our society truly values and understand that our history continues to play out in our present, then black and brown wellness and well-being will continue to be an act of resistance and survival. Our wellness may need to be anger and an uncompromising stand for self-determination. We need to continue to DECOLONIZE our understanding of Wellness, Justice, and Freedom. We borrow the sentiments of Chicano psychologist, Dr. Manuel Ramirez, III – “As psychologists, social scientists, and educational and mental health professionals, we need to be the uncompromising opposition in society. We cannot afford to be accommodationists because freedom and self-respect cannot be negotiated or compromised.” We are experiencing a range of emotions. That is understandable and necessary. Stay connected (if helpful) and stay well. Let us collectively support each other, collectively join for justice, collectively move toward Liberation & Healing. Remember that in this darkness……we…are the light. Su lucha is mi lucha.
In Non-Violent Solidarity, The Institute for Chicana/o Psychology

Institute of Chicana/o Psychology statement on the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.
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Power of Stories to Heal: Cultural Strengths, Cultural Wounds

June 6th 10am-1pm (Central Standard Time) Stories of survival. Stories of courage. Stories of oppression.Stories of faith. Stories of gender. Stories of sexualties. Stories shape our identity. The telling and sharing of stories can be healing for intergenerational, community, family, and individual soul wounds. Narratives … Continue reading Power of Stories to Heal: Cultural Strengths, Cultural Wounds

WEBINAR! Therapy is Ours: De-stigmatizing & Decolonizing Mental Health

About the Webinar: This webinar will explore the idea that the process of therapy (talking with a professional for work on one’s struggles) actually connects historically with the ancestral practices of the Chicanx community (and other Brown, Black, Indigenous communities). This is an On-Line event … Continue reading WEBINAR! Therapy is Ours: De-stigmatizing & Decolonizing Mental Health

WEBINAR on Cultural Responsiveness in Crisis Situations – March 26th

About The Webinar

The role of cultural values and beliefs are key components in our expressions of well-being and distress. In this webinar, we will review foundations of culturally responsive communication, discuss the role of culture in crisis situations, and learn culturally appropriate responses in crisis situations. Historical and current contexts of oppression for marginalized communities will also be included. The training is for mental health and social service providers BUT is open to anyone interested!

Fee: $35 – Includes the Live webinar and unlimited access to the recorded replay.

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A Platica on Community Violence & Healing: An evening with Roberto Cintli Rodriguez & the Institute of Chicana/o Psychology

Join us for an evening with Roberto Cintli Rodriguez as he discusses his most recent book Yolqui, a Warrior Summoned from the Spirit World: Testimonios on Violence, published by U of Arizona Press. “This book makes evident the links between colonial violence against Red-Black-Brown bodies … Continue reading A Platica on Community Violence & Healing: An evening with Roberto Cintli Rodriguez & the Institute of Chicana/o Psychology